Ireland Campaign book...remembering the Quick n' Dirty guides and Mark's Marsh!

Set up shot for the book

Well actually it's a bog but Mark's Bog sounds like something to do with a toilet and doesn't scan too well! Years ago I did some Quick n' Dirty guides on the website concerning such things as making cotton flags, weathering clothes and similar wargaming distractions.
Williamite troops ready themselves to face the BOG
Mark Shearwood has been marshalling his resources and with his deep interest in the Irish campaigns decided to build a bog to dress his table. In the forthcoming Ireland book bogs do feature fairly prominently, in fact they are part of more than half of the scenarios in each volume!
Where are those damned raparees?
As a little taster here are some pictures from a scenario based around raparee attacks in County Meath. The game is a Donnybrook scenario and typical of the set up and force sizes for the skirmishing actions from the book.

 Mark's Marsh:

While painting up units to serve in the Irish arena for both King William and King James, I realised that I was short of a critical piece of Irish scenery, which was a marsh or possibly several.

Looking for a quick solution and finding the base for the Games Workshop Citadel Wood, I thought that I had found a ideal quick cheat, as the base is heavily detailed it would not need that much doing to it, the main issue was to hide the three circles that the tree’s should have filled.

So after giving a base coat of Citadel Steel Legion (insert your own preferred ground colour)

Base piece
I then added some extra bits to camouflage the circles, a couple of extra stones, cut up door mat and foliage by a number of companies, dry brushed with a stone and then light stone colour.

Mark's materials

The water is just a mix of wood glue mixed in layers of blue and green ink, finished off with gloss medium mixed with the same inks, excluding allowing for the glue and gloss medium to dry the marsh has taken less than half a hour to complete

the finished piece

Hope you like it.