CR001 Cuirassier Regiment (3 squadrons) - Warfare Miniatures USA

CR001 Cuirassier Regiment (3 squadrons)

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Regiment Pack - 18 models, exact composition will vary from the photo. Flags not included. Models come unpainted. Models are hand picked from multiple packs to give the variety and look of League of Augsburg collection battalions.

Choose whether you want galloping or standing horses and the type of headgear. Units in hats will include a few bareheaded troopers or helmets to add variety, while tricorn units will only have a couple of bareheaded models mixed in (the helmets were usually totally discarded by the time soldiers had true tricorns). Models on galloping horses are supplied with swords while troopers on standing horses have pistols. Troopers are supplied with a variety of full cuirass, front plates only, and cuirass under coats. If you want some specific mix of headgear or gear, get in touch with me via e-mail so we can sort it out...

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