B025 Gardes Francaises/Suisses with Matchlock Muskets

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Battalion Pack - 25 models, exact composition may vary from the photo. This pack contains 15 musketeers with choice of grounded or shouldered muskets, 5 pikemen and a command pack. Swords are separate and included. Flags not included. Models come unpainted. Models are hand picked from between 4 and 6 packs to give the variety and look of League of Augsburg collection battalions.

The Gardes Francaises had 6 battalions and the Swiss 4. 

Painted as the Gardes Francaises by Barry Hilton. The second unit is painted as King James' Irish Guard by Clarence Harrison. There is ZERO evidence, they would have been clothed any fancier than the rest of the Irish army, but I wanted them to stand out (and I wanted to paint some of these great models).