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Lots of Dragoons

Painted as Hanoverian Dragoons - WLOA58 and WLOA60

I have been slow off the mark painting and basing my dragoons but the new codes have sold very well so far despite having no oxygen of publicity.

Painted as Enniskillen Dragoons 1689-1692 WLOA58 & WLOA60 

So, time to give them a little ventilation and let everyone see how they look in nice units. Painted by myself, Toggy, Rob Goodier and Jim Masson...

Poltava part 2 - the wargame

A late 'battle shot' with the Swedes through the redoubt line

Jon is very experienced at running large games as he owned and managed a wargaming centre on Crete for several years.

The Swedes columns lined up to storm the redoubt line before the battle commenced

The plan for the one day show in Antwerp was to steer the Battle of Poltava 1709 through its various distinct phases in order to get to the...

League of Augsburg game Crisis 2017

We had decided well in advance that our Crisis game for 2017 would be modest in size but pretty. There was no need to try and take a massive game by car to Antwerp as we already knew that Jon Sutherland would be running his monster Poltava game adjacent to our table. Running another GNW effort would simply have been overkill so we chose Flanders sometime between 1692 and 1695 for our effort.