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Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings

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Battle of Skull Mound Part 2 - Battle report photos

The Ottoman attack on Skull Mound builds cautiously but steadily.

With very little cavalry available the Ottomans were relying on firepower in this battle. We upgraded the Janissary units to Veteran with two small units rated with the rare Guard level and all ortas with flintlock muskets. The three field guns forming a baseline would hopefully provide plenty of support fire. 152 infantry, 18...

Battle of the Skull Mound 1677: The Scenario


The Ottoman Empire, allied with Crimean Tatars is pushing north on the west bank of the great Dnieper river into the Ukranian territories. The first line of defence is offered by Cossacks on both sides of the river.

A strong Turkish force composed mainly of infantry has been given the objective of capturing a small Cossack settlement near an ancient Patzinak burial site known locally as...

Nos te salutant!

The bare essentials 1500 Friday afternoon - it's all ahead of us

It's all over for another year.. the feeding frenzy that is SALUTE.  Despite the doom laden warnings of imminent economic armageddon and our isolation from the rest of the humanity, the Great British Wargaming Public did what we do best..  Carried on, regardless!

Yes, well, it IS SALUTE and this certainly beats the Hitler Jugend.