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Donnybrook Essentials is Here!


Clarence Harrison - You can now order a physical copy of Donnybrook Essentials in North America (or the PDF anywhere in the world). If you order the book, you will also receive the PDF free of charge. We are still working out the logistics to make the book available to the rest of the planet, but we hope to have it up in the League of Augsburg shop soon.

For now US and Canadian customers can grab...

Mad for War QRS

Mad for War
is almost ready to be launched across the globe! You can download a copy of the Mad for War Quick Reference Sheet and get ready to set your sails for glory!

Donnybrook Essentials

Clarence Harrison - It's been ten years since Barry and I published Donnybrook, our skirmish rules for 1660-1760. The book has been sold out for a while. We intend to release a second edition with the detail and full color treatment for which we are know (no date... it's in the queue... lol), there's a project I've been wanting to do for a while.

My introduction to wargaming was with the black and...