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Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings

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What you've been waiting for - Ottomans!

It is with both great pleasure and excitement that the LoA Blog previews our first six codes of Ottomans.

Based around the Janissary corps circa 1680-1720 the packs represent:

1. Janissary full dress Advancing
2. Janissary full dress Standing
3. Janissary campaign dress firing line
4. Janissary campaign dress loading
5. Janissary Command standing
6. Janissary Command advancing

These sculpts should be...

Exploring the possibilities - New Military civilians

The possibilities with these figures are enormous. With fifteen marching /advancing musketeers in three sets of five, each with four arm variants we offer 60 variants on the musketeers.

With the open handed models depending on the weapons used - scythes, short pikes, pole-arms, long pikes etc the options are there for a further 60 variants.

These are the first of a series of 'real' people in 'real'...

Danes and Prussians -yes they are available

P02 Prussian Grenadiers Marching
Finally! We have six codes of Danes and Prussians available to order:

D01 Danish Musketeers marching
D02 Danish Grenadiers marching
D03 Danish Command marching
P01 Prussian Musketeers marching
P02 Prussian Grenadiers marching
P03 Prussian Command marching

What has been holding back the release of certain codes over the last couple of months was not just the backlog of...