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Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings

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Warfare Miniatures - price changes

Lots of companies try and lead into difficult news with the back story. I prefer to be to the point.
I want to let customers know that Warfare Miniatures will be increasing the prices of certain codes from August 1st 2018.

Having told you that, I can now explain a little about why we are doing this.

Warfare Miniatures makes money but in six years, every penny has gone back into the range to develop...

Fancy a Danish anyone?

We have five new codes of Danish infantry coming to you soon.

Danish infantry marching - Regiment Prinds George
D01 Musketeers marching
D02 Grenadiers marching
D03 Command marching
D04 Musketeers firing
D05 Musketeers loading and priming

In addition we have flags for the Danish Army during the period of the War of the Spanish Succession and the Great Northern War.

Code DN01 Danish infantry marching

To at...

Helion & Warfare Miniatures book offer!

We are delighted to announce that Helion & Co would like to offer followers of this blog and customers of Warfare Miniatures UK and USA a super opportunity to purchase

'The Russian Army in the  Great North War' 
by Boris Megorsky

at a special discounted price of £20 + shipping. This is a 33% discount!

All you have to do is email charlesjsingleton@yahoo.co.uk and title the mail 'Great North War Book