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Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings

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Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Pre order price £25.00/$40 ex postage
Take the field and win the crown of England for your chosen liege Lord! Fight for King James and aided by your French allies, lead the Irish Army to victory against the usurper and his foreign horde. Support King William’s claim to the throne and captain an international army of English, Irish, Dutch, Danish and French Huguenot soldiers to wrest the crown from...

Practice Race German Grand Prix 1694

Toggy and I ran the race today: 10 Turns, 4 competitors and all to play for!

The objective is to breach the French defences and capture their Marshal in the camp at the far end of the table.The game is played long ways on an 8 x 6. The player forces were as follows:

Imperialists: 4 squadrons of Drilled Cuirassiers
Prussians: 4 squadrons of Veteran Dragoons
Saxons: 4 squadrons of Drilled Cuirassiers

Irish Militia

Clarence Harrison- One of the new things in Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings, is the ability to model different pike to shot ratios on the tabletop. I'm running a game for some friends early next month and I had everything I needed for the scenario except a unit of All Pike. It's been on my 'to do' list for a while to paint a brigade of non-uniformed troops to use for the early war...