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King of Buccaneers, 1671

Clarence Harrison
- So this was an epic undertaking. When Barry first unveiled the 4Play scenario pack concept, he invited me to join in. While I had a pile of ideas, I quickly realized I didn't have the models to present them in the manner I wished. We were eyeball deep in Mad for the Warat the time. As naval gaming had never been a passion of mine, I set out to read some books on the subject to...

Temperance becomes Mars - The journey from bit part to stardom!


Temperance stranded on the shoal 6th March

Too much going on, so unfortunately the blog was a casualty. Everything is good, lots of projects on the go, Warfare Miniatures really busy which is part of the problem! Too much casting keeps me away from many other important things.

Rupert and his French allies failed to capture Temperance

As a little place holder I thought I would feature the campaign...

Donnybrook Essentials is Here!


Clarence Harrison - You can now order a physical copy of Donnybrook Essentials in North America (or the PDF anywhere in the world). If you order the book, you will also receive the PDF free of charge. We are still working out the logistics to make the book available to the rest of the planet, but we hope to have it up in the League of Augsburg shop soon.

For now US and Canadian customers can grab...