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Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings

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Book review - Kingdom Overthrown Ireland and the Battle for Europe 1688-1691

When source material is hard to acquire combing the beach for everything and anything becomes second nature. Whilst on the hunt for information about the first siege of Limerick in 1690, a Google search turned up Kingdom Overthrown; Ireland and the Battle for Europe 1688-1691 by Gerard Fitzgibbon. The price was not excessive (in fact I think I got it for less than a tenner). I had seen it before...

Donnybrook and the Ottomans - Part 1: Who are these guys?

A scene from the massive panorama at the Army Museum in Istanbul. Photo copyright Barry Hilton

The history of the Ottoman Empire from birth in the 13th century till death in the 20th century is an epic chapter in the story of the human race. Since Warfare Miniatures decided to create a range of Ottomans I have read much more deeply than ever before about their culture, inventions, wars, politics...

New Ottoman Command packs

We will be releasing these probably before Christmas. They are quite outstanding sculpts.

Both are designed for generic use with Janissary or non Janissary infantry. Several can be painted as senior officers. The dress styles cover a wide span of time and will look in keeping with Tufeckci, Sekban and Irregulars.

Some will fit well with Janissaries.

This is a sneak preview. They are currently being...