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Guest post: Williamite Wars in Ireland Part 1 - The Walls

Friend of the Blog Peter A takes us with him on part one of his three part odyssey following the Williamite Wars in Ireland - The Walls, the River and the Fort – wanderings in ancient Ireland

Arms of Cork - a safe harbour for ships

1.      This report is in 3 parts. First, the siege and taking of Cork – the breach and destruction of its medieval walls - which were unfit to resist determined late 17t...

Wandering Around Ireland, Part II

Clarence Harrison - A little after noon, Barry, Bob, and I rolled into Londonderry proper. We passed through the walls at Ferryquay Gate and climbed a set of stone steps to the top of the wall in a drizzling rain.

The walls of Londonderry were built in 1613-18 and the entire circuit remains intact today. Of course there have been repairs and the original gates were enlarged to allow for modern...

Campaign hard facts

For all you 'Stato' types out there (and in my experience that is most gamers), I have included the casualties from the main battles in the 1692 campaign season here. It will be followed by the Roll of Honour/Dishonour in a subsequent post.

As many of these units have gained experience and have featured in the 1693 campaign the information does have some gaming relevance.

Some of the players have I...