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Donnybrook is a fast and fun skirmish game which is easy to pick up and full of period flavour. The book is 110 pages of rich colour with 186 beautiful photographs, maps, original artwork, seven scenarios, example game in comic strip format, period primer for numerous conflicts, faction guides/force builder, points system and comes with a satin finish full colour A4 QRS. In is soft cover and perfect bound. The book also contains a force roster sheet template.

The rules are based on a card driven turn system. At a minimum, a force for a small game consists of one Character and four Units. The Character represents YOU on the table top. The Unit sizes range from four foot or three mounted models to twelve foot or nine mounted models, depending on their quality. Standard size games use six Units and large games use eight. There are eight factions to choose from - Army, Civilian Mob, Covenanters, Cultists, Highlanders, Outlaws, Rapparees, and Tribal. There are optional rules for including additional Characters (one per Unit) and these models come with various abilities to influence the performance of your army - most are unique to your chosen faction. 

You can download templates to make your own cards for the game on the League of Augsburg blog.

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