Mad for War

Mad for War

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Mad for War is a gaming system for recreating 17th century naval actions with miniature ships. In an era during which much of the world as we know it was shaped, control of the seas was the most important lever of power and wealth creation. This is the age of enormous sea battles, blood-thirsty privateers and European exploitation of the New World. Giant personalities whose heroism and deeds are writ large across history will man your miniature squadrons and bring glory beyond imagination, on the tabletop at least!

Fight from the icy, wind-blasted waters of the Arctic to the steamy rivers of equatorial Africa. Defy ferocious Omani corsairs or, square up to the mighty Restoration Fleet of Charles II. Whether you love single ship duels or commanding the great navies of the Maritime Powers, you will earn bragging rights through stunning victories, and vanquish cowering enemies awed by tactical genius and heart stopping valour!

Play the role of Michiel de Ruyter, Robert Blake, Abraham Duquesne, Prince Rupert, Niels Juel or Henry Morgan to name but a few of the pantheon of immortal heroes who will steer your men o’war through stinging sea-spray, flying shot and flashing blades to crush all enemies!

Mad for War has been extensively play tested over hundreds of games and evolved during a thirty-months development phase. It is comprehensive in scope but intuitive to play. Using different die types for crew experience levels, the system utilizes a few flavoursome modifiers to create exactly the right level of period feel without slowing down gameplay. Actions can be fought on tables as small as 60cm square and the system accommodates massed battles with fifty ships per side on much large tables. Many scales from 1/4800 to 1/300 can be used. This book is far more than a set of rules, it is a gateway to some of the most enjoyable wargaming opportunities you are likely to encounter!

196 pages with hundreds of photographs, maps, and illustrations! 

You can download the QRS here!