1100 up! - Win a painted unit!

Warfare Miniatures' top selling code WLOA01 - Musketeers in firing line

As  the hot summer continues, I am comforted by finally being in the UK for two consecutive weeks having worked as hard as I can remember in the last few years. Cloning technology would have been very welcome in the Hilton house in 2018.

This unit of Irish Foot Guards of James II features WLOA01 

This has been a very successful year for Warfare Miniatures too. We have brought out new products and have a release schedule stretching forward into 2019 that includes Prussian and Danish infantry, Ottomans, NYW/WSS infantry and Horse.

Close up of some WLOA1 in Danish Regiment Funen painted by Chris Steadman

I would like to extend sincere thanks to all of our very loyal customers and the investor group who allowed the GNW range to fly. I hope the service you have received has measured up to expectation.

French Regiment Navarre featuring WLOA1

Warfare USA got off to a flying start in 2017 and this has continued into 2018. With Warfare USA covering almost all North American sales I have focused on our customers in Europe and the rest of the world and it seems that the late 17th/early 18th century is definitely coming out of the wargaming shadows!

Irish infantry with WLOA1 by Adrian Howe

Clibinarium has really hit his stride now and to my mind is in the top echelon of his craft. So, a big thank you to Clib, you are making the range stronger and better with each sculpt!

WLOA1 in 'civvies' facing a mob in the West Country

This provides an excellent link to the 1100 title of the post. Since Warfare Miniatures began in late 2011 the range has grown to well over 150 codes. We started with eighteen. Of those, one pack has consistently outsold everything else and we are close to selling the eleven-hundredth pack of WLOA1.

Williamite Irish infantry with WLOA1

I have learned a lot about figure production in the last few years and one of the most fascinating things has been that figures in a particular orientation can be cast frequently with minimal deterioration to the mould itself. Whilst other moulds wear out and have to be replaced, WLOA1 goes on and on! We are still on the original iteration of the production mould and the castings remain crisp and flash free. I have probably painted more castings from this code than any other and a few examples can be seen here on the post.

Irish Freemen in the Caribbean 

To mark the imminent sale of pack number 1,100 from WLOA1 I am offering a little incentive to customers over the next two months.

 I will paint a unit featuring chiefly code WLOA1. It will be based in the League of Augsburg style. The uniform colours will allow it to be slotted into the widest possible choice of armies with the right flag. When finished, I will put it into a lottery for customers who spend £200 or more in a single order between August 1 and October 30th 2018.

After that date, I will draw the lottery and the name chosen will receive the unit free of charge.

New England colonists fighting Native Americans in Massachusetts

I will blog the progress of the unit as it grows.

I invite blog members to express their opinion on the colour of the uniform from the following list which I believe will give the widest possible series of options to 'flag' for your army:

Red coats faced blue
Red coats faced green
Red coats faced yellow
Red coats faced white
Light grey coats faced red
Light grey coats faced blue
Light grey coats faced light grey
Blue coats faced red

WLOA1 Defending

These should cover French, Dutch, Spanish, English, Jacobite Irish, Williamite Irish, Savoyard, Saxon, Prussian, Austrian and Swiss.

Atmospheric shot from our game set in Tortuga in 1693. The sun never sets on WLOA1!

If anyone can think of any other options I am happy to consider them. The plan is to include a pike stand.