Jacobite counterattack at Aughrim 1691
French and Irish Horse clash with Huguenot and Dutch - Partizan 2013
I take lots of pictures during our games and often forget I even have them! The intention is  to build an extensive archive to support articles and publications but this is easy to lose track of.
French cavalry attack at Neerwinden - Partizan around 2008
During the preparations for SALUTE 2015 I have not been able to devote any time to creative activities such as painting. Instead, I spent time tidying up my photo files and trying to sort them into a better order. In so doing, I got browsing and though it a good idea to share.
Walcourt 1689 - Dutch Horse and Dragoons mix it with the French
So here are a selection of shots from various games containing serious cavalry action! The locations are various and the time span across the shots is about six or seven years. The figures come from various collections including my own, Bob Talbot's and Steve Shann's.
Jacobites in exile - Irish Horse in Flanders 1693
Much of the terrain is Adrian Howe's and one or two of the shots have appeared in magazines and rule books over the years. I still have many of the non Warfare Miniatures units featured in these shots but they don't get out to play as much as they used to.
Wolseley's Regiment attacking at Athlone 1690

The War in Ireland created plenty of cavalry photo opportunities. Jacobite Horse regiments have proved very popular in many collections.
Neerhespen game fought at a weekender in Derby in 2014