Swedish infantry of a slightly earlier vintage 1675 - Scanian War
To restore some balance I have selected a series of 1690s based infantry action photos which I trust also hit the mark.
Ramsay's Scots Dutch Regiment at Neerwinden 1693
For some reason gamers tend to always begin their collections in a new period with infantry. Is that to get a feel for the painting style or because their are quicker to get a result from?
A very strong Dutch Brigade advances during the Battle of Walcourt 1689
When gaming in the 1690s period it is important to get the balance right between Horse and Foot which means painting roughly one mounted model for every two on Foot.
French Brigade moves out to meet the Dutch at Walcourt 1689
I have done a lot of cavalry in this period but trues to my word I have done more than twice as many infantry!
French defence including the Maison du Roi
These shots are once more drawn from a wide selection of games and over a fairly long period of time. They reinforce the real attraction of wargaming and collecting in the late 17th century.
Bonnie Dundee's Jacobite regulars in action in Scotland
Rather than use nice posed shots the vast majority of these are from actual games. The figures are from a variety of collections and include the painting of Bob Talbot, Gerry Donohoe, Peter McCarroll, Dave O'Brien, Paul McLauchlin, Andy Thomson, Alan Wedderburn, Jim Masson and probably several people who I have inadvertently missed.
Bloody Aughrim re fought at Derby 2014
All this stuff is really getting me in the mood for some table top action.