1701 GNW game: Dannie's Duna Delight!

Crossing the Duna, July 1701
Dannie Fogleman ran an absolutely outstanding version of the Swedish crossing of the Duna at Riga in July 1701. I do not have a commentary on the game itself but Dannie's table is both grand in scale and top drawer in quality.

Is is possible NOT to like pontoon bridges?
I am unsure whether he did all of this himself or was part of a team. Whatever the organization, the output was first class.
Impressive fortifications
There are many Warfare Miniatures featured both on the Swedish and the Coalition sides and there were parcels frantically traversing the Atlantic in advance of the event to meet Dannie's tight painting schedule.
Gunter Heim is NOT the only man with Bumble Bee guns
I was particularly impressed by the boats - which as I am sure the eagle eyes among you have spotted, I am quite into right now!
Mean Muthas! The Blue Machine
Enjoy the spectacle - Great Northern War in its splendour!
Saxon troops look great - if only they would fight like they look!
Bravo Dannie!
Is it possible to beat these guys pre 1709?