2014... what happened?

I enjoyed making snowy bases for the Scanian War 1675-79
I thought as the year draws to a close (whoosh, where did it go?) and the curtain falls for a second only to be opened on a brand new shiny year that a bit of gratuitous eye candy would be a welcome diversion and perhaps provide some inspiration.....
From Clarence and myself, Have a great Hogmanay and we hope 2015 is everything you want it to be..
The Scanian War 1675-79 really captured my imagination

My GNW Swedish cavalry grew in numbers

Played some great games like... Fraustadt

And Bloody Aughrim
Got a fantastic range of figures ALMOST to market

Er.. we got a book to market!

Shows.. Kirriemuir White Death 1706

And the previous week the same game in Antwerp.... or is it? Can you spot the difference? About 100 Euros worth!..
White Death 1706 in Antwerp... Spot the difference

Then there was Dumfries at the beginning of the year where we managed to squeeze in four games over a weekend playing  two of them 4 times one 3 times and the other twice I think!
Edinburgh which made it into WI as Anyburg.. hope you read it Jim!

Battle of the Boyne 1690
This Camisard Revolt game made it into CSG's Wargamer's Annual

Toggy Bob's Fighting Friars in the Cevennes.. good game says Brucie!

Gunter's Saxon hordes in Poland in 1702.. variable results against the Swedes
This Hilton kitchen Donnybrook game got out at York in February...

on a bigger table.. same result for Toggy and Gerry though. Small children regularly beat them up.
I just couldn't talk the lads into doing what I REALLY wanted them to do with Donnybrook which is more like this...
It is not hard to tell how much love I put into painting these!

A great use for my WLOA34 & 57 Enthusiastic Cavalry - Bokkenrijders!

Gard te Voet attacked by a Rapparee's Shih tzu...
It wasn't all 17th and 18th century you know! Our first big game was a one day Peninsular Napoleonic at Larkhall and here it is...
Quite a large and exciting game despite some mix up about location

And then there was this, late in the year but a magnificent effort by my northernmost wargaming buddy Bob Raglan Lauder and his glorious obsession with all things Crimean...
Barry bombs Kerch.. with Bomb Kertchs?

Barry throws a Division at DOB's 2 Turkish barbers in a kebab shop

Toggy Lucan Scarlett commanded  ALL of the Bwitish Cavalry..
So, having shared a little summary of some of the wargaming moments from my 2014 experience I have whetted my own appetite for 2015 and what is to come. Clarence will undoubtedly be prominent in our projects and soon he and I will be talking to prioritize what comes out of the sausage machine that is Wordtwister Publishing.
We hope our little blog livens up the odd moment during the working week for you all, come back and see us next year... err tomorrow!