4Play and 4PlayX scenarios available for GNW

I am delighted to announce the release of the first 12 GNW scenarios including six 4PlayX games. 

All are centred around the Poltava campaign. Two have 17 pages and the other two 27 pages.

Here they are


1. Man down - Masuria 1708
2. Bloody Baturyn! Ukraine 1708
3. Veprik. Swedish attack on Russian town. 1709

Poltava Part 1

1. Attack! Roos's battalions attack the redoubts
2. Rehnskiold take command! The Guards breakthrough
3. Where is Roos? Russian counterattack at the redoubts

Poltava Part 2

4. The last charge! The final attack by the Swedish infantry
5. Pulling out. The Russian garrison of Poltava attacks the retreating Swedes
6. Pushkaryovka. The desperate rearguard supervised by the King at the Swedish camp

After Poltava 

1.  Perevolochna. The last stand and surrender on the Dniepr. 1709
2.  Long road to Uppsala/ Tatars and Cossacks attack retreating Swedes 1709
3. Kalabaliken! The Ottomans attack Karl XII at Bender 1713

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