4PLAY Sample PDF ready - email me if you want it

Cover of 000 the Free pack

I am delighted to say my second job (wargaming) has been providing plenty of overtime shifts recently. These have allowed me to get my 4PLAY concept well and truly off the ground. The scenarios are all written for Beneath the Lily Banners (unit games), Donnybrook (Skirmish games) and a soon to be published naval set of rules for the naval games. All scenarios can be easily adapted to any set of 17th century rules for skirmish, unit battles or naval play.

Donnybrook scenario from Pack 001

Each 4PLAY pack is in a standard format of 14 pages which will be available commercially from the end of this week but to showcase the style, content and layout, I have produced a free version - number 000 to let anyone who might be tempted by them sample the goods.

Heavy duty - Scenario from Pack 007 The Boyne

It is available by emailing me at wordtwister@hotmail.co.uk. 

 Please mark the email: Send me the PDF please.You will receive it within 24 hours.

It contains three historical/historically-based scenarios (as do all packs). Number 000 is generic to provide a view of the series' scope. The other packs are campaign specific.

A look at the internal format of the pdfs this is from 003: One Thousand Irish!

The themes for the first batch are:

000 Introductory pack 3 scenarios 1651, 1681 and 1689 (land and sea)
001 1667 Medway campaign (land and sea)
002 1689 Scotland (land and sea)
003 1689 Western Ireland (land and sea)
004 1688 The Dutch invasion of England (sea)
005 1688 The Dutch invasion of England (land)
006 1690 North America (land)
007 1690 The Battle of the Boyne
008 TBC
009 TBC
010 TBC

Covers for 001-007

After the series gets established I will take requests if they prove popular enough and are within my gift to construct the scenario with available models, terrain and information.

Scenario from 004: Dutch Invasion 1688 (sea)

The pack price for numbered 4PLAY packs from 001 is £3.00 (or £1 per scenario), less than the price of a pint, better for your health and it lasts longer because you can consume it multiple times!

Donnybrook scenario from 000 - Tangier

Pre- release reaction from those who have seen the content so far, has been very encouraging. I see this as a very quick way to provide lots of inexpensive collateral on a topic that gamers seem hungry for - scenarios.

Scenario layout from 003 - Dunkeld

I look forward to any comments, feedback and suggestions you may have for future content.

Scenario internal pages from 007 The Boyne

PS. If you like what you see, please spread the word either on Facebook or the usual wargaming fora that we all love so well. Thanks!