4Play workshop

Action between Clan Chattan and Keppoch Macdonalds - from Crann Tara

I have been working on new 4Play scenarios including a dozen naval packs to support Mad for War. Here is a peek at what in coming up. 

CRANN TARA - Clan warfare between 1660 and 1690.

This one fascinated me after Dave sent me some information on little known clan actions which took place during my core period of interest. This pack features three historical clan battles all featuring over 1,000 men per side. They involve some of the most famous clans in Scotland - The Macdonalds, Clan Chattan, The Sinclairs, The Macnabs and associated septs. These scenarios are 4Play and 4PlayX.

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES - The Battle of Aughrim Part 1

This pack has grown out of an article I wrote for Wargames Ilustrated. It features three scenarios for the bloodiest battle of the war in Ireland and adds to the growing body of collateral for the campaigns between 1688 and 1691.

CELTIC SEAS - Naval actions of the Williamite Wars in Scottish and Irish waters.

This one has been fascinating to research and features not only the English but also the Scottish Navy. Again the scenarios are historical and tied tightly to existing scenario packs and historical battles such as Killiecrankie and the Siege if Derry.

DUELS - Single ship actions between 1649 and 1697

This pack is about ship to ship duels from the end of the English Civil War to the end of King William's War. All the duels are historical and the pack contains 4 scenarios - the most I have so far included in a 4play pack.

Late Civil War action from Duels

There are many Mad for War packs but I will preview those in other posts.