500 not out! LoA blog's 500th post

Luddite? You bet!

This blogging lark crept up on me. I am mostly definitely not the most social media savvy person on the planet and actively steer clear of Friend Face (IT Crowd reference!), 'The Twitter' (as articulated    - BBC Radio 4's Today programme), Insta-grab, What's Occuring or whatever the non Welsh version is called... well, you get the point... I pretty much reject all these faddy technologies outright and only use a computer because it is easier to carry that a small suitcase of notebooks.

Life on the road makes for plenty of blogging time.

I do however possess that good old fashioned characteristic of dedication to the cause. Combining that trait with the now dated form of technology you behold on screen and we achieve the 500th post on our blog which started, well, I'm not sure when but between four and five years ago. With all the other periods on my gaming radar I have surprised myself with the discipline prevailing for such a sustained span of time sticking with blogging the later pike and shot period alone (more or less).

I have loads to share that I have never had time to blog about... Caen Museum Normandy.

I've never got round to blogging about these....

Or these....

Or these....

Or these.....

I never realized I had so much to say! Well, some that know me well will shake their heads in disbelief  at this seeming lack of self awareness yet I have enough to recognize I am not short of an opinion or two (although I am physically, short).

Anyway, to mark the 500th post here is a look back through the archive and links to five memorable pieces - one for every century of blog posts.

Memorable because I either enjoyed writing them, enjoyed the responses to them or just liked the subject.

Final Report From the Front Line - Waterloo Part 6

A Shot in the Dark - Will We Get Any Replies?

Defensive Behaviour - Building Fieldworks

Glorious Obession, Part 1 - War Diaries

A Swedish Wedgie

It is my intention to 'Carry on Blogging' (and as a Carry On nerd for 48 years I know my meat from my two veg Ahaha!) much in the vein of the last 499.

That pistol is the only small calibre weapon in the picture

You can anticipate a mixture of boyish enthusiasm, exasperation with the species, what I think passes for sarcastic wit, admissions of stupidity, crimes against pedantry, pot-shots at the Wargaming Fashion Police, some Marlbritis (I have a bad case right now), pokes at the latest gaming fads and flashes in the pan (what a super applicable metaphor for wargamers) and general observations on hobby life which may or may not chime with your own thoughts and views. I promise to do that with my tongue pressed firmly in my cheek and a twinkle in my rapidly degenerating eye.

Cheers!.. my personal quest for this kind of pub measure continues unabated (Solihull 2016)

Thanks for sticking with the Blog over the years, it is a rather super way to keep in touch with the Brotherhood of Wee Sodjers to which we all pledge allegiance ...

See you in #501 soon