A bad day to get man flu... BLB 3 hits the streets

this is a productive evening at the Warfare Office.... ah, a job well done - all in the out tray for this week

Yup, I blame the Italians. I felt the tickle in a meeting in Milan on Tuesday morning and caught a look from my colleague - you ok?

From chaos comes order - Mrs H hard at work on the pre orders - at this rate there will be none left!

By Tuesday night back in Brum I knew I was for it. The train ride back was not good. Today being a man I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and die.

Cheers Clarence! Your success too! - promised I wouldn;t drink today - I'm sick!

That wasn't going to happen with a new show representation deal commencing at SALUTE with Helion, a run on the bargain R2E and the arrival at 1800 hours today of 2 tonnes of The War of Three Kings.

We very much enjoyed this journey - I have only two copies of the original left and eight of Rev 2

The Dancing Star Mrs Hilton (Strictly Diva giving the Salsa her all in front of the cameras and 600 people at the Hilton, Glagow this Saturday) promised to help as long as she didn't break a nail.

Anyone inclined to support Gwen in her quest to beat the £4k she has already raised for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow can do that here:

Gwen's Strictly - Just Giving page

We set about manually unloading 84 x 13.5 kg boxes and sorting them and wrapping and labelling in excess of 190 books in the space of three hours.

I am f*****d and I don't mind saying.

Never mind, really happy that we made it and that books will be with customers over the next few days in the UK and Europe and winging their way across the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Pacific imminently.

Well done Clarence, Gwen, Steve at Cayuse and every one who supported the play testing. The wine and drugs have helped me today !