A dream realised GNW battalions in the LOA style

Narke Varmlands 1st battalion
When I commissioned the sculpting of the Warfare Miniatures GNW range I had some pictures in my head of what the finished battalions might look like. Getting a range to market involves so many activities which have nothing to do with painting or modelling.
Preobrazhenskoi Guards

Getting involved in all that means that the precious time I used to enjoy sitting at my work desk to do some relaxing creative work has to be sacrificed. I do far less painting and modelling now than I have ever done which in turn means that the stuff I used to produce which built the LOA reputation for attractive games and terrain has become somewhat of a rarity.
some nice movement here

Only this week have I been able to finish off some of Clibinarium's beautiful sculpts en masse and in a form that I am happy with.
ready to fire

The objective deadline was CRISIS 2015 where Toggy and I will put on a small but photogenic GNW scenario using the new sculpts.
minus the command stand

ON this post you can see shots of the both Russian and Swedish units. Now that I am in the groove and have a benchmark, I hope to produce plenty more like them.

colours to the rear
slightly elevated view
lower level view

no command stand

composite unit with Vastmanland command stand