A gap in the market? Scots Regulars in bonnets from Warfare Miniatures

Code H1 Regulars in bonnet
I have seen many (and done many) conversions over the years to model Scots regular troops of the 1680-1715 period. An occasional manufacturer has had a go at modelling these troops but until Steve sent me these wonderful figures I had always felt there was a real gap in the market.

Standing firing pose
What could they be used for? Scots Regulars or Militia units who kept order during the 'Killing Times' also known as the Covenanter Rebellions. Equally, keeping the peace amongst squabbling Highland clans or hunting down outlaws such as Rob Roy MacGregor offers excellent small game or Donnybrook opportunities.

At the ready pose
On a larger scale and moving into the Glorious Revolution period many Scots units are reputed to have worn the ubiquitous bonnet such as The Earl of Leven's (25th)  and Lord Kenmure's both of which fought at Killiecrankie. Some sources say the famous Cameronians (26th) wore the bonnet with hodden grey coats.

Loading pose with optional pointing arm as Sergeant
During the Flanders campaigns it is likely that at least one of the Scots regiments fighting with the Dutch wore blue bonnets. This is likely to have been one of the units formed after 1692.

Another use for these figures is the infamous Earl of Argyll's Regiment, those Campbells responsible for the Glencoe 'incident' the legacy of which still taints William III's reputation in Scotland (together with his interference in the Darien adventure). And, there is another use for the figures.. Darien and Scotland's colonial ruination in the jungles of Panama.

Kneeling and giving fire pose
As if this all wasn't enough there are the numerous Scots county or city Militia companies or even a potential trip across the sea to Ireland where these men could maybe even be used for some Ulster Scots volunteers on either the Jacobite or Williamite side. Men of Carrickfergus perhaps or even the notorious Redshanks of McDonnell!

Cocking musket pose
Many of the models in the militia pack could easily slip into a regular unit. They are now available in the Warfare shop.