A little more?...

Didn't make it into the book but, a nice shot anyway - Saxons defend part of a village.

The book project is now in full swing and I am getting updated layout drafts sent to me every few days which give a very encouraging progress check simply because the suggested additions and changes are visible when it comes back!

From a Kliszow re fight about five years ago. Will the remnant of the Livgardet breakthrough?

Currently it looks like it will run to roughly the same size as The War of Three Kings although there is less content focused on rule mechanics as the core system applies and is detailed in WTK.

The additional content is based around forming forces, background information for gaming the period and collateral to orientate gamers in the wide scope of central, eastern and southern European conflicts from 1670-1720.

From a Fraustadt re-fight we did  four or five years ago.

In this post I am featuring some 'overs'  - shots unlikely to be used in the finished book but with a focus on the Saxon army. The criteria for non inclusion is usually - 'not quite good enough' or, the wrong shape! (even after a crop fest).

I have bitten the bullet and used the very simple points system (non scientific I hasten to add) which appears in WTK. From that I have created small and larger sample army lists which will allow players to build their own forces around a core structure.

Is that amount of cavalry actually stoppable? I recall it made it over the hill but no further.

The scrabble to get all of the items in the book that I want has meant a frantic merry-go-round of writing - painting-photography - writing-painting- photography. As I paint almost everything in the web shop, I have shelves of figures lying around with five of this here and six of that there but no finished units!

Action from a weekender - Saxons attack Swedes (who have Saxon prisoners fighting for them!) - look in the redoubt!

I am currently in the middle of painting seventeen horses to mount all of the new Swedish cavalry which came out last year just to get a unit painted and photographed for the book. Multiply that particular problem by Prussians, Danes, Ottomans and Russians and .. welcome to my world!

Gunter Heim's Saxons attack a Swedish position in Poland

All going very well though and excellent fun to do. I am feeling super motivated and enjoying the challenge.

25 points worth of Saxons from 1702 as detailed below.

Here is a 25 point Saxon force with some gaps filled by older troops from my collection:

Saxon Force 1702

2 Drilled ‘All musket’ battalions with flintlock muskets each @ 1.5 points                 3 points

2 Raw ‘All musket’ battalions with flintlock muskets each @ 1 point                          2 points

2 Raw ‘All musket’ battalions with matchlock muskets each @ 0.5 points                  1 point

6 Drilled squadrons of ‘Bullet’ Horse, cuirass each @ 1.5 point                                   9 points

5 Raw squadrons of dragoons with flintlock muskets each @ 1 point                           5 points

3 Raw squadrons of Polish ‘Bullet’ cavalry, armoured each @ 1.0 points                    3 points

2 Raw squadrons of Polish Tribal cavalry, lance each @ 1 point                                   2 point

Total                                                                                                                              25 points

The explanatory paragraph giving the rationale for the above, I'll save for the book. Its part of a 6 page feature on building a Saxon Force. In addition there are similar features on Russian, Prussian, Imperial, Swedish,Ottoman, Danish and Cossack forces.