A novel new offer - Mounted Officer and Cornet packs

Cornet from WLOA40 with a new right arm! (As Adam Murray)

Over the years I have done many special deals for customers which have involved splitting packs to get various figures out. I have accumulated dozens of perfectly good cavalry models which cannot be sold in packs of three because one or more figures are missing.

Officer from WLOA36 as a brigadier of Horse

I have featured many of my officer/personality conversions on the blog over the years and these always seem to go down well. As I was packing stock for Crisis I came across boxes of excellent cavalry officers and cornets all jumbled up.

Officer from WLOA40 as a Brigadier of Horse

An idea! I can put together random mixed packs of mounted officers and cornets. The selection comes from packs WLOA 19, 21, 33, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56 and 57.

Unreleased officer now available in these packs

 There are a total of  seventeen officers and thirteen cornets. I am going to offer these in four randomly mixed codes:

representative selection

WLOA 65:  Mounted Officers on standing horses : random mix or 3 men and 3 horses

representative selertion

WLOA 66:  Mounted Officers on galloping horses : random mix or 3 men and 3 horses
WLOA 67:  Mounted Standard bearers on standing horses : random mix or 3 men and 3 horses
WLOA 68:  Mounted Standard bearers on galloping horses : random mix or 3 men and 3 horses

Scabbards and arms/weapons will be included.

The good news is that although these figures are all perfectly good castings in every way they will retail at £7.50 per pack of 3 cavalry and not the usual £8.50 making each model only £2.50.

Officer from WLOA48 with floppy hat as Lord Montcashel

The variety is so wide that with the arm variants available and the horse variants there are literally scores of options available. Some of my own efforts can be seen accompanying the post.

Officer from WLOA50 as cavalry general

Cornet from WLOA57 as Swede 

Cornet from WLOA42 as Swedish Cornet circa 1685

Cornet from WLOA50 as Swede

For both Brigadiers of Foot ad Horse this offers  tremendous choice to bolster your officer corps.