A shot in the dark... will we get any replies to this?

What? it's not just King Billy and Seamus of the dung?
Barry Hilton - For a considerable time Clarence and I have discussed the possibility of widening the scope of the Blog beyond the period 1660-1720. We both have enormously wide wargaming interests, are well networked and possess very large collections.

Servants of the Witchking hunt Men of Arnor in the ruins of northern Middle Earth!

The pedigree nature of what we have offered so far is the conundrum. Do people like the blog because it stays focused or, would they enjoy a widening of our horizons to include much of the rest of what we get involved in?

Yes, I still have all this gear - currently resting in boxes
It is a difficult one for us. Starting another blog(s is of course an option but the work involved in such a choice is significant and perhaps beyond our limited time window.

William Waller at Cropredy Bridge.

Our guest postings have been very popular and there has been no shortage of contributors. The debate has never concluded and so, as the Blog is effectively public domain and a window for visitors to look into our take on the hobby, I thought it time we solicited the opinion of members and casual visitors.

Mein Gott! not 15mm stuff too!!!!
Should the LoA blog open its window a little wider to encompass the many other dimensions of the hobby in which we have an interest. To provide a starter for 10;

Marshal Ney urges his troops to sweep the British from the field!

I have large collections of Napoleonic troops in both 15mm and 28mm, Crimean War miniatures in 28mm, WW2 in 6mm, 15mm, 28mm and 40mm, Naval, Dark Ages, American Civil War in 15mm and 28mm plus numerous little dark corners which my friends won't let me talk about.

This was fun - The French crossing the Tchernaya
Clarence has Naps, American War of Independence, Darkest Africa, English Civil War, Vikings, 15mm WW2, Lord of the Rings and enormous numbers of Warhammer machine thingies which I don't understand.

The Death Korps of Krieg

Widening the field more, Ade has Dark Ages, Bob has more of the above and DOB has everything somewhere in his cave!

Sir Irving Forbush urges on his party...

So, members and visitors, I return to the question at hand,

How would you feel if we widened the blog scope? Good? Bad? indifferent? Is our pedigree approach one of the attractive things about the blog or is it a frustration?

I may be shouting into the cyber void here but I hope not!

Are you out there??

Clarence Harrison - I thought I'd hijack Barry's post to add a couple of things. My own hobby time this year has been severely limited because of personal reasons, but I am hoping 2015 will be better! Barry has carried most of the load solo of late. While we started the site to focus on Beneath the Lily Banners, Donnybrook, and Warfare Miniatures, the League of Augsburg has been known for many different periods over the years. What defines the League of Augsburg is the high level to which these periods have been pursued. By diversifying the content of the site it will help us to continue to publish regular offerings while we might be distracted from the 17th and 18th centuries (I have the attention span of a five-year old) as well as allow us to draw on our considerable resources from other periods so we're not recycling photos of the same units!

I promise to keep the Warhammer stuff to a minimum : )-

Let us know what you think...