A Taste of Victory - some insights into content and focus

The climax of Fleurus is one of the larger scenarios. Orbat is from the the previous chapter- Walcourt.

When pulling together the content for A Taste of Victory! I had some choices to make. I am bothered by rehashing as an activity. Often when a subject is covered by various authors the same topics get hit again and again. This means when deeper research or enquiry need to take place, the same old chesnuts pop up. Enthusiasts learn nothing knew - as a German friend once said to me.. the same old soup reheated yet again. I think two of the most obvious examples are War in Ireland - BOYNE. War of the Spanish Succession - BLENHEIM. Information on these two battles predicate very lazy and inaccurate assumptions such as - The Jacobite Army was a joke team and the British won the War of the Spanish Succession.Neither staement requires any further qualification.

I wanted this first hardback scenario book to break some new turf and provide avenues for exploration. I also wanted to create tight gaming situations which could be played at home of an afternoon or evening. Set ups that wouldn't break the bank or the motivation before they were ready to go.

At the same time, I didn't want the battles to be too obscure or off the beaten track that gamers would not want to game them.

Somerset Rising out encouraged by the local squire.

As a  first attempt at a compilation I am very happy with the choices. It has a nice balance between the familiar:

Vienna 1683

Killiecrankie 1689

The Boyne 1690

Steinkirke 1692

Neerwinden 1693

And the obscure:

Halmstadt 1676

Herderbosch 1689

Newtown 1689

Duleek 1690

Kalamata 1685

French battery at Duleek July 1st 1690

It also has the credible what if/ alternative route to a credible outcome based on historical campaigns or actions which nearly but didn't quite happen:

Jew's Mount 1683

Quebec 1690

Martinique 1693

Salisbury Plain 1685

The New Tangier Regiment in theatre 1683

And finally, battles which should have a much higher profile but tend to be ignored because information is not as readily available:

Walcourt 1689

Fleurus 1690

Aughrim 1691

Orbassano 1693

All the scenarios have been built around either the whole battle (if small enough) or a key moment in the action if larger. Part of the joy of pulling together such a book is getting to play the games. Many of the battles I had played many times before but some were new to me and all the more enjoyable for that.

The Sedgemoor alternative - a 'square go' on Salibury Plain.

If the book proves popular, the good news is I have so much accrued data for the period that I could produce volume after volume. So many conflicts played out across the period 1660 - 1720 that there is a rich seam to be mined in terms of gaming collateral. 

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