A touch of real class! GNW generals and heroes

The Russian Grandees

They have been in the pipe for a while but at last we can show a a glimpse of some truly outstanding little masterpieces from Warfare Miniatures. 

The Swedish Heroes

We have chosen the iconic figures of Magnus Gustafsson Stenbock, Adam Ludvig Leijonhufvud and Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld for the Swedes. Celebrated generals all and key players in the campaigns of the Carolinian Army during the Great Northern War. 

Stenbok is modelled on the romantic painting by Gustav Cederström

As a counterpoint, the Russians are represented by Alexander Danilovich Menshikov, Boris Petrovich Sheremetev and Anikita Ivanovich Repnin. These men played their part in full during the final defeat and humbling of the mighty Swedes.

Leijonhufvud in utilitarian uniform on the left - Rehnskiöld's uniform is grander

The horses offer a new option for senior officers and equally could be used for the new cavalry officers both Russian and Swedish cavalry which will begin to appear sometime over the summer.

The Russians are somewhat more flamboyant in their dress

It did not escape our notice that the Russian generals would pass muster as 'any senior general' in a Western European army of the WSS period and I am sure several will find their way west in time.

Excellent rear view of the Russians

The detail on these models is outstanding. Clib has captured the spirit of the age and the personalities within some imaginative and animated poses.

I am looking forward to getting them mastered, painted and of course, released.