Ah! That's where you've been...

Inaugural casting accompanied by some Belgian beer

I have not been blogging for a while for a variety of business and personal reasons which are of no concern here on the blog but have consumed significant time and energy. Needless to say, not all of that was negative and one of the biggest draws on my limited time was transferring the location of Warfare Miniatures production and commercial capability to a new location.

Early stage development

This involved designing and building what was needed as well as shifting machinery, assets and stock from various locations to a hub.

Keeping operational during the transfer was time consuming but the new location allows me total control over production and stock meaning, no code should be unavailable for more than a few days now, or in other words, in the time it takes me to cast up what is needed.

Extending the labyrinth

During the pandemic I have learned amongst other things, how to cast. It has been an iterative process and although by no means a master, I can turn my hand to a mould or two now.

With help from a variety of people, I have managed to operationally commission a new nerve centre for Warfare Miniatures which still makes me shake my head a little in disbelief. I never planned to own a figure company - it was all an accident resulting from the unfortunate illness of a friend. 

Fitting out - plenty of bench space needed

Nevertheless, here we are nine years down the line more or less and a range of figures which continues to expand relentlessly and has now branched out into 1/1200 ships. 

Much more to come over the next few months and a regular stream of releases into 2022 and 2023 is planned. A significant amount of this is already sculpted and much of it is also master moulded. 

For now, the Summer of 21 has proved both warm and productive - let's get busy!