Amazing stories of Derring Do from Tactica..

Having at the last minute decided not to run this game at Partizan in favour of a Flanders Bash it is nice to give it one last airing here with some 'real life war stories' from the field of battle in Germany..

Notice the organized progress of these fine Danish Commanders!

Our Great German Horse race ran five times during the Tactica show. We entertained German, Danish and English players and ended up with the following league table:

Two Austrian wins
Two Saxon wins
One Bavarian win
Zero Prussian wins

Add these to the previous win Bob and I achieved in a trial run and its twos across the board except for the poor Prussians! Was it the generals? was it the troops? Was it the French? Was it (bad) luck or was it a combination of all of the above?

A strong Saxon win - no depleted squadrons here!

In one game the heroic Saxon General Lukas won the race with a single model and his brigadier remaining whilst his Kameraden did more than the French to stop him.

Alex barnstorms over the line for an Austrian victory!

The best organized attack was by four Danish players led by the two Hendricks. Hendrick #2 won the race with his Saxons in an almost intact squadron. This game also had the least casualties for the German regiments with the French fighting very poorly.

I think this is Jesper on the right - Another Austrian winner

Alex was one of the victorious Austrian players who, despite much boo-ing and sabotage from his German allies managed to race over the line in some style.

Set up to go on Day 2 morning

We had two French guns blow up, three blue on blue incidents from the French mortar, about nine brigadiers killed, three units upgraded to Veteran and a wide variety of dirty tricks played by German commanders on other German commanders so much so that the whole experience was a little like Wacky Races.

The 'Mark' - target for our German Heroes

The incident cards we used were very much appreciated and the system of getting your squadrons moving got the players really thinking about each move.

The average game time was about 90 minutes and we had lots of questions and interest across the two day event. The scenario has already been written up for publication and will I believe, appear in a mag sometime in the foreseeable future.

The French view

We used The War of Three Kings with some rules simplification to make the action hassle free for the players. The BLACK -GREEN - RED incident card system involved each player drawing a card from the deck each turn or playing a previously retained card from a previous round. Black signified 'Carry on' , Green offered a bonus to your own unit and red allowed you to play a dirty trick on an opponent or the enemy.

Prizes went to various people in the shape of Warfare Miniatures Cavalry General models.