An excusable digression.. Waterloo Day

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Five years ago today I was in the privileged position to have witnessed one of the two mega events at  Waterloo 200. Little memories include watching Charles and Camilla sweeping up with their entourage as UK representatives, literally almost colliding with Mr Farage as he made political capital at

Hougoumont and, hailing a bunch of HLI drilling in a field near the chateau in my very best Glaswegian, thus proving to the international tour group that, those soldiers are NOT Scots (there was not the slighest flicker of recognition or a rude riposte from any of them!)... it was a great day culminating in the most spectacular re enactment.

Just got reminded by an email from friend and fellow traveller on that trip Peter, how wonderful it was. Great June weather, fantastically organized tour with Geek Nation, charming tour group, three of whom I have actually spoken with in the last seven days - brilliant memories.

I have also included some shots of  Waterloo games I have organized and played in over the years. In their own way, those were spectacular and extremely collegiate events too.

It isn't the 17th century but it is a joy to behold. Oh, and it appeals to my mischievous side to posit that old chesnut..... Arthur or John? Who was the greater?