And, there's more! Warfare Minis Guest Gallery 3

Never did I realize when I started this little review how many painters have actually sent me pictures of there work with Warfare Miniatures.

Dannie Fogleman's Saxons - I think he painted every darn one of them!

I should really be surprised because we've sold about 20,000 packs since we started so there are a few out there in Wargames Land.

Dannie's Swedes - Forward the Blues!

Dannie Fogleman was one of the people behind getting the GNW range off the drawing board and into production.  He has made a significant volume contribution to painting and displaying his troops as can been seen from these two battle shots.

In this third episode of other painter work we've got some lovely stuff from relatively recently and from way back at the beginning of Warfare.

Peter McCarroll's wonderful Enniskillen Horse

Peter McCarroll is a very fine brushman and extremely prolific. He completed several squadrons of Williamite Horse for adventures in Ireland.

Aalvsborg Regiment by Pat Connor

Danish musketeer by Pat Connor

The Funen Regiment by Pat Connor

Pat Connor is yet another outstanding brushman and here are some examples of his talent applied to Warfare Miniatures.

A great customer who is producing some very fine work these days is the enigmatically named 'Gunfreak' aka Truls from the fjords of Norge.

Truls Fjell did a superb job on  the Saxon Goltz Dragoons

Truls is a very prolific chap and has produced a large number of units in a relatively short space of time.

Trul's basing sets off the models very well.

I have liked everything he has done but I think the Goltz Dragoons are some of his best work to date and am very proud that he has shown them on the internet.

Definitely worthy of another look - Truls Fjell's Saxon Goltz Dragoons

Brian Philips is another excellent painter who has lavished some time on the Warfare range. These models were some of the very first painted about six years ago.

Sergeant of the Garde te Voet

Dutch musketeer by Brian Philips

Dutch officer by Brian Philips