Armour and Siege Museum - Monteriggioni

The old adage about never a bus around when you want one and then a fleet arrive all at the same time...

Having paid my 1.5 euro for the Templar Experience, Monteriggioni, I decided before it got dark to confront my vertigo and 'git up on them thaar walls boy!


I was ambling by the large garden hut disguised as a medieval battering ram when a little voice called
'Signore! bigletto per favore!'

2.5 Euro - and you get to go to the armour museum too. The Templar Museum? I've already been there, here's my ticket!

No, the armour museum - across the piazza. What? another museum in this wee place? Bingo!

I did the walls, almost froze a few times as  I could see straight through the mesh floor to the hard ground about 15 metres beneath me.  Right! quick - do the Armour Museum before it shuts and I have to eat my tea!

This little gem required me to drive 15 miles on a return visit the following morning as my camera and phone batteries both gave out simultaneously on the evening trip. No hardship as it is an amazing place.


As can be seen from the accompanying photographs this is no local municipality effort done on the cheap to get tourists to spend a few extra euros - the curators and organizers of this place know their 
percorino and cipolle!

Great journey through the development of dress, armour and weapons. Great model making skills - well up there in the diorama stakes. Nice hands on experience for dresser-uppers like Bob, Clarence and Dave - try on the plate and chain mail, helmets, wield the war clubs, pole arms, double handed swords, maces, hold a shield, get your picture taken as a medieval minion etc.

All this for 2.5 euro AND the wall walk.

Come to Monteriggioni my friends. Italy does its history very, very well. They know about stuff here and they understand what the public want and deliver it with style and friendliness.

I commend it to you! (And if you don't come, watch out for the Assassins from the Creed!