As it should be. Swedish GNW Cavalry

Charge! The Swedish Liv Dragoon Regiment thunders down upon its quaking enemies

It's a legitimate question. Why has it taken you so long to produce a unit of your own cavalry, based in your own 'chevron' style?
Time and conflicting priorities is the answer. I don't have enough of the former and an abundance of the latter.

Squadron 1 full charge in chevron

I did paint about eighteen riders but only three or four horses. That enabled me to get the web shop stocked but a long way off a 'game ready' unit.

Squadron 1 - the chevron is more obvious from this angle

Since these chaps emerge about a year ago we've released about another 140 models many of which required painting. We done several show, travelled hundreds of gaming miles and I have been working on several publications and articles. Not excuses, just facts.

Squadron 1 rear view

Nevertheless, the rapid progress on the new GNW supplement inspired me to get some of these chaps table ready and photographed. I painted around seventeen horses and an additional three riders to get the unit to its three squadron state although, it is still one full squadron short of the effect I am looking for.

Squadron 2 breaking into the gallop

I wanted the unit to look as if it it was in progressive states of attack. The lead squadron in full charge mode, the second, breaking into the gallop and forming the distinctive chevron, the third beginning to break formation and the fourth holding tight and advancing.

Squadron 2 - Officer giving order to increase pace

The extra riders in supportive and file closing positions add to the movement. The available poses and arm options make for an extremely wide variety of options when it comes to posing the riders.

Squadron 2 - drummer to the rear

The third squadron does not use any full galloping horses and has a more controlled aspect.

Squadron 3 - senior officer in control

I also chose to make this unit dragoons - The Liv Dragoon Regiment to be precise. I have incorporated many of the features which have become characteristics of my modelling over the years - water features, broken down fencing, carefully coordinated positioning of horses and riders to create a sense of movement. The only element I chose to leave off this unit was hand painted cotton flags and that because I was so taken with the Quindia dragoon flags.

Squadron 3 - holding formation

I have photographed each squadron from various angles in order to fully display the thinking behind the unit build. It sits together (or will do with the addition of the final squadron) in three distinct configurations:

Squadron 3 - nice grouping

1. Single squadrons
2. Two pairs of two squadrons which can operate separately and in which the figure positions         compliment each other.
3. As four squadrons in a large regiment showing four steps to forming the chevron charge.

I will revisit the unit when the fourth squadron is completed but for now. Here it is.

Squadron 3 - two super numaries to the front

The Swedish Liv Dragoon Regiment.