Augsburg Partizan Candy..

Ottomans and Tatars to the left, Cossacks and Commonwealth to the right.

Following on from the Candia Magnificence, my bijouterie lived next door at Newark, offering the Partizan audience an intense little corner of Turkish Delight which seemed to please them. 

Timariot and Kapikulu Sipahis representing about 1,500 high quality cavalry

It's been a curious thing, but over the last few months the number of orders received by Warfare Miniatures containing Ottoman troops has increased to about one in every two. This is a very high proportion and is making me wonder if there exists, a groundswell of interest in the troops of the Sublime Porte stimulated by an event, movie, book, or other source. Any ideas?

Zaphorozhian Cossack reinforcements arrive from Chocim.

I also had on the table some of Warfare Miniatures best kept secrets - the gorgeous Tatars and the mounted and dismounted Cossacks - Ukranians to a man. Although not yet in the online store. I can cast to order.

A host of Cossacks, Poles and Lithuanians arrive to save the day.

Crimean Tatars harass the advancing Cossacks

The site of my waxing Ottoman forces has made me think about pitting it against those Eastern rivals the Safavid Persians. Now, that would be a game - 17th/18th century but looking like something from the Age of the Ilkhanate. Of course, we'd need to design and release some war elephants. 

Anatolian light cavalry demonstrate their toxophily skills

Despite having lots of Sekban/Tufeckci, I did not field any in this battle and that is another little host to add to the army. 

Assaulting the Zaporozhian breastworks.

Here we are then, the theme of the game was Chocim (Khotyn) in 1660 with the beleagured Cossacks being supported by Commonwealth troops including pancerni and hussars. Deploying an almost 100% mounted army took me back to the days of using Huns, Mongols, Ilkhanids and Timurids. Boy, I loved playing with those and using WRG 6th edition. I recorded every battle and looking back on those many games my armies lost very few from very many outings. Handle them right and they are unstoppable. Cavalry armies are challenging but lots of fun. 

Flashback to WRG 6th edition and all those horses.