Availability of new GNW Swedish Cavalry - You can order Now!

SC01 Swedish Cavalry troopers charging variant #1

Demand has alas outstripped supply and with commitments made to pre-order customers, the entire first batch of all 8 codes was gone before I even managed to put them on the website!

SC02 Swedish Cavalry troopers charging variant #2

So, now they ARE on the website and the lead time will be August 3 for dispatch of the next shipment from our new casters. This date will of course overlap with our price increase however, any orders placed before August 1 for any of these cavalry codes will be sold at the current price of £8.50 per pack.

SC03 Swedish Cavalry troopers at the ready variant #1

We are not yet doing unit deals on the new codes but there are a couple of other incentives to get in early!

SC04 Swedish Cavalry troopers at the ready variant #2

1. Orders over £100 for any Warfare Miniatures placed by July 31st  will be shipped at a flat rate of £5 to anywhere in the world.

2. Orders over £150 which include the purchase of ANY Great Northern War Miniatures will receive a FREE BATTALION PACK of Swedish infantry from either code S2 (Standing Ready in karpus) or S4 (Marching in karpus). These packs are worth £28.00 RRP so make this a nice incentive. These orders will also ship at the flat rate of £5. Please contact me directly on wordtwister@hotmail.co.uk to process payment.

SC05 Swedish Cavalry Command charging
Limited stock of the Swedes are also en route to Warfare USA so can be ordered from Clarence within about 10 days from this post.

SC06 Swedish Cavalry Command Ready

If you feel like boosting your Swedes, here is a great chance to grab some Foot and Horse together!

SC07 Swedish Dragoon Command Charging
There will be a limited supply of extra trumpeters and drummers which can be ordered singly, these are also in the shop now.

SC08 Swedish Dragoon Command Ready

SCS01 Swedish Trumpeter variant #1 single figure

SCS02 Swedish Trumpeter variant #2 single figure

SCS03 Swedish Dragoons Drummer variant #1 single figure

SCS04 Swedish Dragoon Drummer variant #2 single figure