Awakening Derry from hibernation

taking shape now but still plenty to do on the ground work

The nature of this project and too many conflicting priorities over the winter months meant that my Derry- Building went into stasis for a while.

Lots of work to be done on the ditch and drawbridge

With a couple of weeks at home, Tactica behind me and some new ideas in my head I took inspiration from the non hibernating family of squirrels who have live in my back garden all winter and got busy!

The view from the defenders side

The most complex house in the original build finally got finished as can be seen. I also embarked on the town itself as opposed to simply completing buildings attached to the walls.

Working on some large buildings for the centre of town

The first piece is a conversion of a building shell given to me many years ago for another project by a friend. When I received this I had built nothing with foam core. It sat on my workshop shelf for over 4 years glaring at me to do something with it.

The un-weathered and washed Rotting Pike

Finally, as a now 'FCV' Foam Core Vet - I decided to move it on from a partially finished Spanish Villa to a fully finished Irish Inn circa 1690. Clarence has created authentic Inn signs for the 'Rotting Pike' which will continue our pathetic little in joke into the Ireland book.

The 'Big Hoose' which has interior lighting! Unfinished shot

This post is an overview of several bits and pieces I have been doing in my model Derry. I'll come back to several of the individual finished buildings and constructions in other posts.

Most ambitious yet - the tenement slum under way