Back from the Wars.. Promenades Travel Tour of Irish Battlefields 1690-1691

Field guns at Oldbridge

We packed a helluva lot into four and a half days visiting Oldbridge, Donore, Duleek, Athlone, Aughrim, Portumna, Nena and Limerick. We spent long enjoyable days walking the fields, forts, castles and sites of the campaigns of 1690 and 1691 in Leinster, Connaught and Munster.

Sean O' Brogain's artwork in the cafe at Oldbridge

We had an outstanding group of friendly, curious people, met some amazing characters and I can say, Irish hospitality and willingness to make things happen, no matter how unusual the request, made the trip an absolute joy. The food was of a very high calibre even in the cafes and snack stops.

Thomond Bridge, King John's Castle and the mighty Shannon

Now, here is the bit you WON'T actually believe - the sun shone from Monday at 1400 till we left Dublin on Friday afternoon, no, I'm telling you!

Wild Geese Memorial, Limerick

The River Shannon ran like a long blue thread through our tour although we also visited the beautiful Boyne and its historic sites.

Sarsfield and Galloping Hogan's crossing point on the Shannon at Portumna

This post is a little segway of all of the dimensions of our trip - uniforms, castles, sites and curiousities. I will come back to each in detail in other posts.

Site of the assault on Irish Town, Athlone, 1691

I believe we are going out again in May and in September 2023 and because the groups are kept deliberately below ten people, I believe we'll run twice. 

Immortalized in history - Sergeant Custume

For now, enjoy some of the images from one of the most important wars in the history of the British Islands.

Willem van Oranje and his staff at Mellifont Abbey, June 30th 1690

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