Battle of Lepanto 1571 - a small (1/1200 scale) homage

Christians approach through the narrows

With the anniversary of this enormous sea battle occurring yesterday, I thought I would fight a little game to mirror the setting and the ships. This is a 1/1200 scale game using Ark Royal Miniatures and a few Langton Christian ships. 

The Ottomans are holding a strong defensive position

I used Mad for War combining the galleys and square rigged rules sections (which is what the rules can do easily). The points values for each fleet are about 2,250. The Christian coalition of Spanish, Portuguese, Venetians and Maltese has 12 ships and the Ottomans 13.

The Christian fleet has 5 large galleons and various other ships

The Ottomans are holding a coastal position protected by shoals and islands. The large galleons are finding it difficult to navigate in these straitened waters. Within three turns the large Ottoman galleon (their only one) ran aground as did a Portuguese caravel.

Most Ottoman crews are Salts (Veterans)

The battle opened with the Portuguese ships Berrio and Reis Magos firing into the northern group of Ottoman ships. By turn 5, the Christians had lost one bergantine, captured in combat and the Ottomans had lost a fusta.

Two Portugues ships Berrio and Reis Magos, open the battle

Two galleons were in trouble. Reis Magos was crippled and had taken heavy casualties in combat whilst the Spaniard Anunciada had cut her cables to escape being overwhelmed by a large enemy galley.

Intense gunnery duels mark the southern sector.

The larger Christian units are approaching the action as we move into Turn 6. Several other ships have been damaged by gunfire and the galley's forward cannon have been very effective.

General engagement

Various boarding actions in progress.

The action will conclude soon.