Battle of Reunion August 1689 BLB3 play test Part 1

Looking from the Jacobite left the size differential in forces is clear - but what about quality?

It's been over a year since Dave, Bob and I gamed at home and we chose to play test BLB V3 a little more with a scenario set in the late summer of 1689 in Ireland.

A pro-Williamite Protestant Irish force meets Richard Hamilton commanding a Jacobite Irish force around Reunion Priory, a ruin set in Co Monaghan.

We used the newly created simple points system designed for pick up games and the first part of this short series introduces the scenario and the Jacobite Army.

Each side had 10 points. The values for each unit are shown in the army breakdown. Both commanders diced to assess their ability. Both threw a 'Skilful' rating.

We tried out many new rules such as; Enniskilleners, Ammunition supply, new FiBuA, dragoons and revised morale modifiers. The game played well, we found a couple of tweaks to text and a slightly ambiguous modifier which have all been fixed. A useful and enjoyable game running to 10 turns.


The Grand Prior's Brigade of Infantry - 2 points total

Grand Prior's Brigade under General Wauchope      2 points
1st Battalion The Lord Grand Prior's Regiment: Regulation/ Raw 0.5 points
The Earl of Antrim's Regiment: Pike & Shot/ Raw 0.5 points
Colonel McGillicuddy's Regiment: All pike/Raw 0.5 points
The Earl of Clanrickarde's Regiment: Pike & Shot/Raw 0.5 points

Berwick leading Sarsfield's Horse

Colonel Sarsfield's Horse under The Duke of Berwick        2 points
1 squadron of Sarsfield's Horse: Blade - Drilled/Elite  2 points

1st Battalion of the King's Foot Guards

The Guards under Justin McCarthy                                  2 points
1st Battalion of the King's Foot Guards: Regulation. flintlock muskets, Drilled-Elite 2 points
Significant character attached: Doctor Alexius Stafford Dean of Dublin - no cost

Lord Galmoy's Regiment on the Jacobite right wing
Lord Galmoy's Regiment under Piers Butler, Lord Galmoy              3 points
2 squadrons of Galmoy's Regiment of Horse: Blade, Drilled   3 points

Lord Dongan's Dragoons

Lord Dongan's Dragoons - independent command                                   1 point
Lord Dongan's Dragoon Regiment: flintlock muskets - Raw/ 1 point

Jacobite Force total 10 points

This force has some trained units in the form of the Guards and the Horse. It is significantly inferior in number to the Williamites and has two units with flintlock muskets and one with no muskets at all. Dave was in command.

In the next post you can read about Bob's larger but untrained Williamite force.