Battle of Reunion August 1689 BLB3 play test Part 3 first half

The Derry Horse brave the fire and smash into Dongan's

Now the fighting begins. Both players took an aggressive approach which saw the armies get 75% movement each and lurch towards each other.

Bob took an immediate chance by charging a squadron of the Derry Horse at Dongan's dragoons in advance of the army's right. The Raw troops had no trouble charging and the Raw dragoons passed their test delivering a ragged volley which did not stop the Protestant cavalry from contacting. With 4 x d8 Bob rolled an incredible 4 hits! Dave managed only 2 to add to the single casualty he caused with his shooting.

Look at those dice! The Dragoons dissolve in panic and are removed from play

Dongan's Dragoons scored an abysmal 1 for the morale score with dropped to 0 seeing them dissolve instantly for a dramatic opening to the battle. Bob however was now at 50% losses causing a check which meant his troopers lost their nerve and in the moment of victory fled the field!

Elsewhere the Protestant infantry boldly advance

This turn was one of the only two in the entire game when the Williamite gun managed to fire. It was not lucky with its ranging shot!

Both players had less movement on T2 with Bob only getting 25% and Dave 50%. This did not stop the charging though as The Duke of Berwick led his elite squadron against a squadron of Conyngham's Enniskillen dragoons who dared to charge them!

Elite Blade Horse against Raw dragoons.. can you guess what happened next?

The Jacobite Horse with 4 x d10 hitting on 5+ were more than a match for the enemy dragoons with 4 x d6 hitting on 6. The bit nobody expected was the good morale score which allowed the Protestant dragoons to break off without being pursued. They did live to fight again later in the battle.

Conyngham's manage to extricate themselves from a difficult situation

Elsewhere the fast moving loose order Enniskillen flintlock musketeers were opening up on the Earl of Antrim's Regiment and the Redshanks started falling.

The loose order musketeers of Lloyd and Tiffin pepper the Redshanks and Prior's

Another key move of T2 was the occupation of Reunion Priory by St John's Derry Regiment. Accompanying them into the built up area was none other than Sir Arthur ' Dromore' Rawdon the Cocky Cock of the North.

St John's win the race to Reunion priory

T3 started with a flurry. Antrim's Redshanks passed its check to charge Tiffin's Enniskilleners and smashed into them with pikes lowered.

Fall On! The Redshanks smash into Tiffin's musketeers

At the same time the 2nd squadron of Conyngham's dragoons seeing Berwick's cavalry beginning to reform after brushing off their 1st squadron charged and hit the disordered Jacobites at the halt.

Busy day Sarsfield's hit whilst forming by 2nd squadron of Conyngham's
The Jacobite were fighting hard. Antrim's fearsome Redshanks rout the more lightly armed musketeers of Tiffin and despite fighting with only 2 x d8 for being hit at the halt, Sarsfield's Horse under Berwick's leadership repulse the second charge by Conyngham's and forced this squadron to retire like its first. The young Duke tries to catch his breath but this will prove impossible in today's furious combat.

Tiffin's routed by the Redshanks
 Join us in the next post for the exciting conclusion to the Battle of Reunion!