NEERWINDEN 1693: The fighting around Laer by LoA

I have never been one to resist the temptation of joining in a debate, particularly a controversial one. Seeing the mentions recently on this blog about the various perspectives on whether wargames should be permitted to look 'too good' or as an egalitarian alternative should assume a kind of Soviet sameness, I offer up some reasons why I believe they should at all times look as good as they possibly can.

Unfair odds: a lone battalion face the Maison du Roi
Effort inspires. Human beings love to keep getting better whether than be in sport, in business, entertainment, at cooking, acquiring knowledge or some other dimension of performance enhancement. My venture back into this hobby at 24 was solely a consequence of the inspiration drawn from the outstanding work from the best names in the hobby and featured in Miniature Wargames every month.

A sweeping advance by the chevaliers of King Louis XIV
Since that joyous re-acquaintance with a boyhood passion I have never had a single faded - jaded day when I didn't not want to do something connected with my hobby.

Today I worked on tidying up the next phase of Warfare Miniatures development. Having spent  heavy duty time packing, stock ordering and nosing through spread sheets to the comforting tones of Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe for twelve hours, I am finishing the day poking through some old photo files in my vault.

I have stumbled across pix of a game which have never seen the light of day in full basically because I forgot all about them. It was run at Partizan, Newark probably in 2007 or 2008. It is the Battle of Neerwinden sometimes called Landen. I have fought it several times as a wargame both as a whole and in parts.

Here I offer no historical perspective on the battle just a series of nice shots of a lovely visual spectacle. Presented with my figures on Adrian Howe's beautiful terrain it drew much attention on the day and looks just as good now as it did then.

If this is wargames porn then I am a pornographer without shame. Enjoy my dark secret and damn the eyes of wargaming's Mary Whitehouse Brigade. Mediocrity breeds the same.