Beneath the Lily Banners, CRISIS and the Alde Garde - a winning combo!

The French pursue their foes
Panorama of the Alde Garde table
Peter Lenders and his Dutch gaming group are regulars at CRISIS in Antwerp. On at least two occasions I have seen them put on a fine BLB game. This year's effort was grand in scale and excellent in quality.

Nassau Friesland Guards on the pontoon bridge

The large table saw a Grand Alliance Army retreating across a river whilst the pursuing legions attempted to trap an destroy them on the wrong side.

columns of pursuing French
There were many wonderful touches in the game besides the obvious attraction of large numbers of painted miniatures.

Games like this first attracted me to the period 23 years ago
The vignettes and humour which peppered the table added wonderful colour (literally in the case of the Milka cow!)

Nice scratch built defence works.
Peter's group always seem to find the time to game at the show  (a trick I wish someone would pass on to us).

Peter's piece d'resistance - a bovine chocolate bar
I saw him several times as he invoked the rare opportunity to have the rules author on the spot for some judgement calls! The infamous All or Nothing charge rule was the root of all evil  once again as multiple, multiple squadron regiments crashed headlong into each other on the table causing rout, destruction and pursuit chaos.
this was nice
I am currently in a review and reflection period for BLB and will soon be in a position to add further clarification to certain mechanisms such as this.

Warfare Miniatures's best selling wagon
In the meantime, sit back and enjoy these lovely pictures of the Alde Garde in action in Antwerp with Beneath the Lily Banners.

Another Warfare piece.