Beneath the Lily Banners PDFs

We are now pleased to offer the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners in two digital formats...

High Resolution (300dpi)
This version contains extensive bookmarks and has been configured for printing. It looks absolutely stunning on desktops and laptops. Like any PDF you can load it onto your tablet but with its large file size it makes viewing cumbersome.

Low Resolution (96dpi)
This pdf has been optimized for fast viewing on tablets. It contains chapter hyperlinks to enable rapid navigation through the document. Like any PDF you CAN print this file but the 96dpi resolution may render less than satisfying results. 

Choose the version to fit your need or bundle them and choose both - one for printing and the other for the tablet down at the club!

You can order your copies at the League of Augsburg shop. Unfortunately the download system is not automated so links will be sent within 24 hours.