Bit of a clean up.. Ottoman cavalry go for production

It took a long time to clean and inspect this lot!

This fantastic range has been dogged by little challenges along the way. Some related to design, some to production, others to me actually having enough time to undertake the fairly mammoth task of cleaning up 151 master castings of various shapes and sizes. In order to get good clean production castings a careful job in necessary in preparing masters for the production moulds.

Command set - three senior officers with the central figures in helmet.

I don't like this job. It is fiddly, laborious and you need to be motivated to do it. You can't half do it or, do it half-heartedly. Lots of daytime work pressure and travel in the Autumn meant I have been sitting on these much anticipated castings way longer than I should.

The split waist Archers, I am very much looking forward to painting these.

I thought I would begin the info-mercial on the Ottoman cavalry with a look at the raw components. I hope by next weekend to have some of the first painted examples to share.

Lance/ spear or standard can be fitted of these one piece castings. The 'tick' shaped mould runner is removed of course.

The combinations available are pretty mind blowing.

Split waist principle will make the number of poses possible with these fire arm equipped figures very significant.

6 sets of riders of which two of those are split waist archers and black powder weapon armed. One pack of single piece casting lancers/spearmen, two packs with glue on arms of which there are four sword arm variants, three pistol arms variants, four open-handed arm variants.

Two codes with attachable arms make them the most versatile of all. 11 arm variants, 6 figure variants, 6 equipment variants

The combination of these two packs with the different arms alone can produce sixty-six unique variants. Put those together with the split waist combos which also have three different lower torso styles  I have calculated conservatively that you could have over 400+ different individual and unique combinations by using the seven different horse types coupled with the miniature variants already described.

The second rider code with arm options.

This must make the range one of if not the most versatile Ottoman cavalry range on the market.

There are seven horse variants which fit all of the models. This means enormous variety.