BLB Scenario: Winter 1706 GNW in Poland

August the Strong's Saxon Army prepares to attack the enemy
Gunter Heim impressed us so much with his Saxon Army on his last visit to the UK that I just had to incorporate them into this year's schedule. We wanted to get the Swedes out again too as they are so different to game with. The final element to the game was my desire to put on a winter table and see how that looked.

Swedish position. Note the Saxon prisoners in forward earthworks
Overall, the combination with a tough scenario proved very challenging for the players. The game is set in Poland in 1706 sometime soon after the Battle of Fraustadt. A Saxon force is attempting to push into Swedish held territory and comes across a blocking force defending a strategic river crossing.

12 battalions, 22 squadrons, 4 guns and 4 dragoon regiments
The Swedes are uncharacteristically entrenched and with significant artillery support. Part of their force is made up of Saxon prisoners whose loyalty must surely be under question.

The guns were well positioned to hit the enemy ridge
The only visible Swedes in the blocking force are the gunners and two regiments of Horse one of which is the Livgarde. The Saxons have overwhelming superiority in numbers but are operating on a narrow frontage with a long way to go to reach the bridge and capture it. With August the Strong leading they are inspired by their King yet he is no great general and so movement allowance each turn is another limiting factor.

Game 3- Saxons hit the brick wall of Halsinge, Uppland & Ostgotland
Beyond the ridge is hidden a three battalion brigade of Swedish infantry. Marching to the sound of the guns are a further three battalions and 7 squadrons of Horse. In all games this last component of the Swedish force never appeared!

Game 2: The Swedish Lifeguard appeared. A battalion was destroyed!
We ran the game three times. Two Swedish wins and one Saxon. Gunter managed to get his newly painted Leib Regiment through the centre and they charged and destroyed the 1st battalion of the Swedish Life Guard Regiment of Foot. Now that is some claim to fame! During game 1 the Swedes held the ridge comfortably and did so without the aide of the hidden infantry or reinforcements from off table.

Regiment Abo och Bjorneborgs

In the second run the Saxons steamrollered through the centre giving Glory Hunting Gunter a moment of joy when the Guards went down to his buff coated Leib Cuirassiers.

This proved to be irresistible
In the final run the Saxons made heavy weather of taking the ridge but looked to be breaking through down the central road until three battalions of Swedish Foot popped up out of the ground and blocked the path.

Some schmoozing went on at the forward barricades when the Saxon prisoners in Swedish pay were offered terms by their former brothers in arms. On two occasions the pragmatic Saxons accepted the terms, killed their Swedish officers and bolted for the Saxon gun line. In several other instances they fought on. On particular group of Saxons fought so well that they held up the attacking Saxon horde far longer than anyone expected.

Saxon Gardes du Corps in action. Can you spot the King?
It was good fun for the Swedish players to be on the defensive and to use artillery which is a bit of a novelty! As you can see from the evidence, some of the guns were not well handled as they blew up!

Whatever you do.. never roll two 1s in an artillery shoot!
More wins for the Swedes in defence than in attack if you reference back to the Klissow 1702 blog-post from last October.

We enjoyed this one. It looked different and taking defensive works proved to be challenging as always.