Bloody Aughrim July 12, 1691 - refought by the LoA Part 4 - Williamite Order of Battle

Looking north from the Williamite right 
Here is the Williamite order of Battle we used. I have not listed it in the normal format of first line, second line etc. I have used the regimental names of the units as we represented them which means that some of these units were not at the battle but our model soldiers were!

Left Wing of the Army facing Attibrassil bridge and southern slope of Kilcommodan Hill.

Dismounted Dragoon Brigade
Gard Dragonders (Guard)
Conyngham's Dragoons (Drilled)

Cavalry Brigade
Gard te Paard (2 squadrons) Guard
Gardes du Corps (2 squadrons) Guard
Gard Dragonders (3 squadrons) Guard

Cavalry Brigade
Regiment Van Oyen (1 squadron) Drilled
Regiment Zuylenstien (1 squadron) Drilled
Regiment Schack (2 squadrons) Drilled

Huguenot Infantry Brigade (All musket)
Regiment Du Cambon (Drilled)
Regiment Le Caillemotte (Drilled)
Regiment de la Meloniere Drilled)

Danish Infantry Brigade (All musket)
Regiment Funen (Drilled)
Regiment Garden til Fods (Elite)
Regiment Jyske (Drilled)

The right centre of Ginkel's army
Centre of the Army facing Kilcommodan Hill

Cavalry Brigade
Regiment Donop (2 squadrons) Drilled
Regiment Schomberg ( 2 squadrons) Drilled

Danish Infantry Brigade (All musket)
Regiment Prinds Frederick (Drilled)
Regiment Prinds Christian (Drilled)
Regiment Prinds George (Drilled)
Regiment Dronningens/Oldenburg (Drilled)
1 Field gun

Dutch Infantry Brigade
Regiment Brandenburg (Drilled)
Regiment Waldeck (Drilled)
Regiment van Graben (Drilled)
Regiment van Auer (Drilled)
1 Light gun

English Infantry Brigade
Coldstream Guards (Elite)
Thomas Erle's Regiment (Drilled)
Sir John Hanmer's Regiment (Drilled)

English & Irish Infantry Brigade
Piercy Kirke's Regiment (Drilled)
Earl of Meath's Regiment (Raw)
William Steuart's Regiment (Drilled)
Zachariah Tiffin's Regiment \(Drilled)
3 Positional guns

Scots- Dutch Brigade
Hugh Mackay's Regiment (Elite)
George Ramsay's Regiment (Drilled)
Lauder's Regiment (Drilled)

English & Irish Infantry Brigade
Earl of Bath's Regiment (Drilled)
Gustavus Hamilton's Regiment (Drilled)
Richard Brewer's Regiment (Drilled)
Royal Fuzileer Reigment (Drilled)
Williamite right wing Horse advance
Right wing opposite Aughrim village and the Causeway

Cavalry Brigade
William Woseley's Regiment (2 squadrons) Drilled - Blade
Robert Byerley's Regiment (2 squadrons) Drilled

Cavalry Brigade
Earl of Oxford's Regiment (3 squadrons) Drilled
Earl of Portland's Regiment (2 squadrons) Drilled
Richard Leveson's Dragoons ( 2 squadrons) Drilled

27 battalions, 26 squadrons, 2 dismounted dragoon battalions, 3 positional guns, 1 field gun, 1 light gun.