Bloody Aughrim July 12, 1691 - refought by the LoA Part 5 - Jacobite Order of Battle

Dragoons garrison the ruins of Aughrim Castle
The Jacobite order of battle we used. I have not listed it in the normal format of first line, second line etc. I have used the regimental names of the units as we represented them which means that some of these units were not at the battle but our model soldiers were!

Left Wing of the Army defending Aughrim.

Castle Garrison
Walter Bourke's Dragoons (9 models)

Aughrim Garrison
Walter Bourke's Dragoons (9 models)
1 light gun

The village of Aughrim was fortified
Behind Aughrim village.

Cavalry Brigade
Duke of Tyrconnel's Regiment (2 squadrons) Elite
Earl of Abercorn's Regiment (3 squadrons) Elite

Between Aughrim and Kilcommodan Hill.

Cavalry Brigade
Lord Galmoy's Regiment ( 2 squadrons) Elite
Lord Kilmallock's Regiment (2 squadrons) Drilled
Nicholas Purcell's Regiment (1 squadron) Drilled

King's Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion the King's Foot Guards (Elite)
2nd Battalion the King's Foot Guards (Elite)
Lord Gormanston's Regiment (Drilled)
Dudley Bagnall's Regiment (Raw)
1 light gun

From behind the left wing 
Upon Kilcommodan Hill.

Infantry Brigade
Bourke's Fusileers  (Drilled)
Edward Nugent's Regiment (Drilled)
Lord Creagh's Regiment (Raw)
John O'Connell's  Regiment (Drilled)
1 field gun
1 light gun

Infantry Brigade
Edward Grace's Regiment (Raw)
Lord Bellew's Regiment (Drilled)
Art McMahon's Regiment (Drilled)
Lord  Louth's Regiment (Drilled)

Infantry Brigade
Earl of Antrim's Regiment (Drilled)
De Boiselleau's Regiment (Drilled)
1st Battalion Henry Dillon's Regiment (Drilled)
Earl of Clanrickarde's Regiment (Drilled)
1 field gun

St Ruhe and his staff assess the enemy dispositions
Cavalry Brigade
Edward Prendergast's Regiment (2 squadrons) Drilled
Daniel O'Brien's Regiment (2 squadrons) Drilled

Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion Dennis McKellicut's Regiment (Drilled)
2nd Battalion Dennis McKellicut's Regiment (Raw)
Edward Butler's Regiment (Drilled)
Cuconnacht McGuire's Regiment (Drilled)

Cavalry Brigade
The King's Lifeguard Regiment (2 squadrons) Elite
Henry Luttrell's Regiment (2 squadrons) Drilled

Patrick Sarsfield in front of the King's Lifeguard
Infantry Brigade
2nd Battalion Henry Dillon's Regiment (Drilled)
The Lord Grand Prior's Regiment (Drilled)
Ulick de Burgh's Regiment (Drilled)
Sir Maurice Eustace's Regiment (Drilled)
1 light gun

Dismounted Dragoon Brigade
Lord Dongan's Dragoons (Drilled)
Simon Lutterell's Dragoons (Drilled)
Maxwell's Dragoons (Drilled)

The right wing around Attibrassil bridge and the Tristuan stream

Lining the hedgerows along the centre of the line 5 detachments of commanded shot each of 6 or 7 models (All Drilled)

24 battalions, 24 squadrons of Horse, 4 regiments of dismounted dragoons, 5 detachments of commanded shot, 4 light guns, 2 field guns