Breaking the surface.. news on the GNW supplement

Mass charge by Polish cavalry 1683

My snorkel has just broken the surface as I come up for air before submerging again into SALUTE 19 on Friday and Saturday.

Brunswick-Celle infantry 1690s

I have not been blogging with regularity over the last three weeks simply because I have snatched every waking hour to finish off the last photos for the new GNW supplement for Beneath the Lily Banners.

The shot pool now stands at 307 pictures considered and about a further 200+ rejected for various reasons.

The defence of Vlasivka 1709 - from the Battle report in the book

Of the 190 shots which appear in the book, 183 are finalized and in place. I have 7 little troublemakers to complete three of which should be done by the time this post appears. Taking wargaming pictures is great fun but very intensive. I remember watching Duncan Macfarlane do it about twenty years ago without the benefit of a digital camera and Photoshop. You really had to get it right then.

Janissary column

Now at least, my process involves:

1.Set up.
2.Test shot or two.
3.Shoot for real.
4.Go upstairs and examine shot on big screen and work it to finish or reject and re-shoot and back to     step 1.

A collection long gone - I think it lives in Holland now. Nice shot but it didn't make the cut.

On a good weekend day I might get 7-10 shots done in a six hour session. During the week when home, an evening burning the midnight oil till about 0100 will get me 3 or maybe 4.

In parallel the maps, illos, cover design and painting, print liaison, proof reading, design discussions etc have overtaken all other hobby activities since the end of December but at last, the end is in sight.

Another shot from the Vlasivka battle - Vastmanland Regiment under attack

The book, the name of which I will share over the next week, now looks as if it will be bigger than The War of Three Kings and run to about 180 pages in hardback and full-colour throughout.

Danish battery at Lund  during the Skane War

In this post are a selection of shots some of which made the cut others alas are confined to the archive.

More on the book soon including a little on the plates.