Busy painting Ottomans

OT06 Ottoman Command standing painted by Toggy

Some choices are binary - spend time painting on spend time blogging about the things you might paint!

OT01 Janissaries in full dress advancing

So, it's been a wee bit quiet here for a few days but the brushes of Augsburg have not been idle. Both Toggy and I, between other parts of the range, have been busy painting Ottomans for the forthcoming CRISIS game more of which in blog posts soon.

Nice grouping from packs OT03, OT04 and OT06

Back to the moment however. Toggy, a skillful brushman with a gentle and colour full style has clearly been enjoying himself with his paint pallet. I seem to remember him telling he had spent about £300 on paint recently!

One of our CRISIS units shaping up nicely

We are working through as many Ottomans as we can for a very short lead time game in Antwerp and here you can see some of the troops beginning to line up for that event.



Toggy and I have contrasting styles which sit very well together. His white undercoat shows up some beautiful colours on the Ottomans making them even more attractive than I could have imagined.

Commander and attendants

Janissary Commander and attendants

OT03 minus one chap