Candia Candy - Ian Cluskey's Epic

Sense the scale of this epic!

Devotion to the cause is the mark of the 17th century gamer. It doesn't come at any higher level than Jean de Dieu Labedoyere's (aka Ian C) game modelling the epic 21 years siege of Iraklion (Heraklion), Crete between 1648 and 1669.

Close in naval support

I am told it was perhaps seven years in the making. My game and this tour de force were side by side at The Other Partizan. The scope is beyond description and I thought that a couple of my snaps showing the quirkier details might pique the interest of blog followers. 

Burial detail in the siege lines

It goes without saying that the battalions, ortas, squadrons, batteries and storming parties were numerous, enormous, meticulous and sumptuous however, I will instead focus on the quirky, cheeky, irreverent, gruesome, comedic and...bizarre. 

Flagellation, mock Christ, choirboys and inquisition hoods.. doesn't get more 'High Church'

Ottomans, Greeks, French, Venetians and Papal troops were represented, in fact all human life was  present. I am certain if I had examined the hulls of the ships I would have found modelled barnacles.

Tavern brawling

Here are some lovely moments from The Opera, Candia!

The Bawdy House

Never mind the troops - look at the artist!

Somewhere off camera there was duel!

Iconoclasm? Iconography? Pomp and Splendour Vatican style!

Now, that IS a mine explosion!