Charge into 2016! - Warfare Free Postage offer continues till January 31

Swedish Life Guard painted for Skane War 1675
Happy New Year!

I recommenced my keep fit regime on December 29th. I decided not to procrastinate but to strike the blow ahead of plan. I feel very smug about that.

New projects beckon we wargamers and our December free postage offer seemed to motivate Blog followers to act and add reinforcements or recruit new armies. As an incentive to get us 'match fit' Warfare Miniatures will extend the FREE POST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD offer till January 31 2016.

The Earl of Bath's Regiment 1690

This means orders for Miniatures and Flags over the value of £60.00 GBP will reach you post free. Just choose the Free postage offer which is technically one penny!

In addition to this offer we will include (subject to availability) one free pack of your choice selected from codes
WLOA80 - 90
WLOA152- WLOA154
WLOA918 - WLOA928
H1 - H7
S1 - S6

This is a chance to taste a different part of the range at no cost, so if you have been thinking... hmmmm Highlanders? Swedes? French? Dragoons? that Siege Gear?.... I dunno, but maybe. here is the opportunity to find out.

WLOA34 Enthusiastic Cavalry painted as Irish Jacobites

This list includes 53 options on codes you may not have seen. To specify the free pack please email after you have placed your order through the shop. Just specify the free pack you are after and we'll let you know if it is in stock. If so, it will be included with the order, if not you can try again with another code.

Swedish infantry trying to find some high ground in Skane Province!

Forwards to the high ground!