CLAYMORE 2014 - League of Augsburg view

Warfare Miniature Gardes Francaises painted by BH
The team was down to Tog, DOB and Crock (me with a bad back) but we managed a respectable showing at Edinburgh's annual wargaming jamboree. It seemed that we saw a huge number of our wargaming buddies and forum members during the day and spent most of it talking and very little gaming. One of my highlights was the bacon and haggis roll for breakfast! A wee strengthener there and an excellent call from Tog and DOB.

We rolled out Neerwinden 1693 for the last time and included several new units in the line up some of which feature in the accompanying photographs.
Warfare Miniatures painted by Toggy Bob Talbot
I cannot comment too much on the show as I only got a brief run round a couple of times. David Imrie had a nice game as did Kev & Peter (Iron Brigade), Kirrie Club and the Leuchars group's Dambusters effort (although if I never hear the Dambusters theme again it will still be too soon). I thought many of the other games were to be frank, pretty average and not a huge advert for the hobby but that is not a balanced comment as I didn't have the time to spare to really spend time concentrating on the many tables. What people want to see at a show is also extremely subjective.

Warfare Miniatures will have increased show presence for the rest of the year in the form of Hokahey/Crann Tara run by Alan Rudd and Graham Cummings. The lads will carry the full range out to about 6 shows in England that we previously have not attended. Alan and Graham will also pass on other orders directly to me if they are out of stock on the day.
Dragoon on Dragoon action at the breach
Perhaps I am getting a bit jaded with shows but they are all starting to feel a bit samey to me. The social aspect is fantastic but I sometimes get the impression that we are all quietly sleepwalking into retirement and a slow decline. There isn't anything spiky or challenging in the hobby at the moment and in my opinion there hasn't been for a long time. It is probably a moot point as to whether there should be anything challenging at all or whether the hobby should be a gentle, relaxing and stress free way to unwind from the pressures of life.
Warfare Miniatures GREAT NORTHERN WAR pre releases
I have been writing several pieces for Wargames Illustrated over the past few months pondering aspects of the hobby which I feel are important. Perhaps too much introspection from me but I am convinced we need to get a grip on certain vital issues of long term health for the hobby before it is too late.

It may be that LoA begins to reduce show commitments over the next couple of years but that is a decision for another day.
Another shot of the GNW pre releases
It was great to see everyone at the show.. that was the most enjoyable aspect of all.