Crush the Calvanists? Incinerate the Idolators? War in brown waters 1605


Tomorrow sees a return to Claymore for me. Last time I was there was three years ago and I was lucky enough to win the Best Display game with a land based Ottoman Wars effort in 28mm. This time I am significantly downscaling in line with my green-policy of getting rid of the German tank of a car and opting for a quiet little Nipponese hybrid with much less space inside. 

Having downscaled the wheels, I have down scaled the demo game - 1/1200 scale naval action from another religious war - this time the internal Christian v Christian struggle between the Dutch Republic - unrecognized by the Spanish Empire is a Tiawanese sort of a way, and the mighty Dons of Iberia. 

Colin and I are doing the honours. Come along and throw a few dice using Mad for War which we sincerely hope will finally be in print in the Fall/Autumn of 2022. Long time coming but for us, a labour of love. 

This month there is an article in Wargames Illustrated about the period and the rules. I was pleased with the response to this which definitely shows an interest out there for 16th/17th century naval gaming.

Maybe see you in Auld Reekie or as the Chewin' the Fat gang (from over here in the Wild West...of Scotland) call it.. Edina, Scotia's midden seat!