Danes and Prussians -yes they are available

P02 Prussian Grenadiers Marching
Finally! We have six codes of Danes and Prussians available to order:

D01 Danish Musketeers marching
D02 Danish Grenadiers marching
D03 Danish Command marching
P01 Prussian Musketeers marching
P02 Prussian Grenadiers marching
P03 Prussian Command marching

What has been holding back the release of certain codes over the last couple of months was not just the backlog of mould making and the extended manufacturing lead times, but also my inability to paint and 'exhibit' the codes that were ready.

D01 Danish Musketeers Marching

I have not painted a unit for many months but I have painted lots of code packs in isolation in order to get them ready for the web site. The one I have as yet failed to finish is D02 Danish Grenadiers marching. It does not appear in the online store but is available to order - just mail me about that one on wordtwister@hotmail.co.uk.

P01 Prussian Musketeers Marching

In my frantic scrabble to get product available before another three weeks out of the UK I have manage to make a dent in some but not all of the Danes and Prussians as can be seen from these pictures.

D03 Danish Command Marching
They are all very easy to paint and hopefully as can be seen, I really enjoyed doing these despite the time pressure to finish over the weekend. These uniforms represent that of both armies in the War of the Spanish Succession period.

P03 Prussian Command Marching
For those interested in the utilization of both armies during the WSS/GNW period the Prussians had around 12 battalions in the service of the Maritime Powers (Britain & Holland) during the great 'Marlburian' era. The Danes also had several battalions in service with these armies in the western theatres. In addition The Danes fought the Swedes in the opening  and later phases of the GNW around the Baltic, on hom soil and in Norway. In addition several Danish battalions served in Hungary under Imperial control suppressing a revolt during the period 1703-06. The Prussians weighed in again in the latter stages of the GNW against the Swedes with the Battle of Stressow in 1715 being one instance of major combat. Both Danish and Prussian armies are manageable as subsidy contingents of other larger armies or as national forces in their own right.

The following codes:

D04 Danish Musketeers firing
D05 Danish Musketeers loading
P04 Prussian Musketeers firing
P05 Prussian Musketeers loading

will be available from August 3 2018

P04 Prussian Musketeers loading - Available August 3 2018

P05 Prussian Musketeers firing - Available August 3 2018

D05 Danish Musketeers loading - Available August 3 2018
D04 Danish Musketeers firing - Available August 3 2018

We already have extensive cavalry codes usable for both Danes and Prussians in the WSS/GNW era.